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Lineage Research Projects:

Do you have a research problem or question?  Are you looking for that next generation of your family tree?


If so, then a lineage research project is what you need.  After a complimentary consultation to determine your exact genealogical needs, a research plan will be presented.  The number of hours required to complete a project depends upon what you, the client would like to know about your family. For instance, research on one ancestor will take much less time than research for multiple generations.   It is suggested that blocks of 10 hours be contracted to allow time for a proper, detailed search.  As a client, you determine the time limitations and costs.  When research is completed, you will receive a detailed research report.

Please note:  At times, it may be necessary to order documents or microfilm in order to get the proper sources for your project. In that case, you will be contacted to approve the additional cost, and if you agree, the record will be obtained by Fine Lines. 

All clients are advised that Fine Lines Genealogy cannot foresee results; and therefore, there is a risk of “non-discovery,” which shall be reported with negative search results in your research report. 

Presentation Heirloom Books:

What do you want to do with your family data, documents, and photos that you have spent years of collecting? 

Presentation Heirloom books are a great way to preserve and share your family history with other members of your family.  They make great gifts.

A presentation book is customized especially for you. The cost depends on the scope of the project and is uniquely created based upon individual preferences.  


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