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About Fine Lines

Fine Lines' blog debuts! Fine Lines Genealogy began in 2015, quietly making its entrance into the genealogy field. For years, I did my own family’s research, and helped many others along the way. Finally, I decided to go, ‘professional’ and in doing so, applied for my certification in 2016. In starting a business, you create a unique entity...a reflection of your business ethics and personality. I named, "Fine Lines" actually, as a pun intended.

"Fine Lines" could be your prestigious ancestor's pedigree, a heritage rich in documentation, of nobility or fame, with your ancestors blazing a trail of evidence everywhere they went. As often is the case, the wealthy and well-known left many records of their presence behind.

Therefore, in choosing the business name with care, so was the color scheme. The colors black and white represent the very absolute and finite lineage connections, no questions lingering to cause a shadow of doubt.

That's one way to look at it. Then, there is another approach:

"Fine Lines" could also be defined as that very one, ever-so-slight, elusive piece of evidence that may (or may not) suggest or determine a lineage connection, or answer your research focus question. A thin line, a fine line shall we say, that does makes that connection. It is here where we must tread with care and not jump to easy conclusions. It is here where the genealogical proof standard (GPS) rules and leads us onto the path of that exhaustive search.

For those of us, myself included, where the lineage is not always so clear, where doubt does exist, we must enter the domain of analysis, pulling together multiple pieces of evidence to reach an end result (one that may or may not be the result desired.)

So for the latter, the color scheme of black and white was continued, but with the addition of grey that incorporates and represents those very dilemmas that we face every day in the genealogy world. Where the world, and documentation, is not ever so clear, where there does exist a fine grey line.

Then finally, the logo lines. They are, of course, flowing in various directions for us to choose and decide which ones to follow. Some may lead us astray; some may lead us on the right path.

Choices. Decisions. It's a fine line.

Blogging is a new world for me…I hope you opt to join and follow me on this adventure.

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