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Who Are You?

Are You Listening?

Dear Ancestors, I am looking for you. And, you know it too.

You see me scouring through records,

hopping through long brush, unkempt and forested cemeteries,

(The things I’ll do to find you!)

driving thousands of miles across the country; across familiar and new territory.

I am looking for you. And, you know it too.

Dear Ancestors, where are you? I know you want me to find you.

Give me a sign. Any sign will do. Any day now.

I’m waiting. I’m patient. Did I mention, I am patiently waiting – for you?

(In case you didn’t know, I’m not usually a patient person!)

Drop me a breadcrumb; a tiny little morsel will do – I’ll follow it and you know it too.

Where are you? I know you want me to find you.

Dear Ancestors, I am talking to you, each and every single one of you.

Oh, yes, there are many of you.

I wish I knew exactly how many of you; but many of you are still hiding, still silent.

(Don’t be shy, I’m friendly – I’m family!)

They say silence is golden; but I say, say something – PLEASE! Like, NOW!

Yes, I am talking to YOU…each and every single one of you!

Dear Ancestors, are you listening to me? I talk to you all of the time.

It’s usually a one-sided conversation – mine.

I ask you soooo many questions.

(People think I’m crazy, talking to myself….)

They watch me like I’m a weirdo - talking to pieces of paper, pages in books in libraries; to computer screens – but you know, don’t you?

Are you listening? I am talking to you.

Dear Ancestors, I know you are out there. Let me find you.

Where did you marry? Where were you buried? Who…Are…You?

Please, I’m actually begging now, please share your stories.

(Sharing is caring, right? It’s good manners too!)

I want to know dates and places; I look in newspapers, in books; visit town halls for record books, and in dusty basements for court records too.

I know you are out there, aren’t you? Please, let me find you.

Dear Ancestors, I’m afraid people think I’m more than just a little bit crazy.

They think I am obsessed about you.

I talk to volunteers and workers in libraries and historical societies about you.

(These people actually reply – they talk back.)

Although, sadly, many times, I talk and talk; I tell them my story, my quest.

And then I wait – for that blank stare; that face that tells me they have no idea what I am talking about or who you are. So I ask again, who are you?

Dear Ancestors, I know you hear me. You know I am tired.

I have been digging and seeking and searching for years; for many, many years.

You know everything about me. I know you are watching me - looking for you.

(I bet you’re laughing too!)

Then…every once in a while, I find a clue. I am very happy. However, you usually answer my questions by offering more questions.

Thank you for that.

I know you hear me, but, at the end of the day, you make me very, very tired.

Dear Ancestors, help me help you – leave more than just a little clue.

Please show me the way. Please answer my questions.

(When I ask; and then not by providing more questions, it’s not fair!)

At some point, all things must come to an end. (Except, apparently, not in genealogy...)

It’s time for this long plea of mine to close today (but stay tuned…)

Dear Ancestors, help me help you...Are You Listening? Who are You?

#Family #Ancestors

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