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Who’s Your Daddy?

Who’s your daddy? The search is on.

I look for records, nowhere found.

Who’s your daddy? Tell me more.

Show yourself. Open a door.

You know I will win. I will find you yet.

No stone left unturned. It’s time for a bet.

The records, they document your life.

They tell a story, of joy and strife.

Stop hiding. Stop moving.

Listen to me. Reveal yourself.

Let me see.

This chase of ours is growing old.

Someone, somewhere out there knows.

It’s destined to be discovered.

The truth will be told.

Who’s you daddy? All I ask is a name.

Just a simple request.

Not a joke, nor a game.

Who’s your daddy? Tell me, please!

Where are you? Give me the keys.

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