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NGS 2020 LIVE! and NGS 2020 ON-DEMAND!

Hashtags #NGS2020LIVE and #NGS2020OnDemand

NGS 2020 Live! also includes product sessions from our Platinum Sponsors, Ancestry, FamilySearch, and FamilyTree DNA; the NGS Awards program; live chat; Q&A; over 15 drawings for genealogy-related prizes, and more! To participate in NGS 2020 LIVE! and win prizes, friends, family, and colleagues must register by 15 May. Speakers will be invited to NGS 2020 Live! but will need to register to purchase any of the on-demand lectures.

NGS 2020 On-Demand! offers access to more than 85 lecture topics to build each registrant’s chosen lecture package. Access begins 1 July and includes repeat viewing for your selected sessions until 15 May 2021 as well as for the five-featured lectures from NGS Live! and additional sponsored bonus lectures.

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